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TCS is one of the leading Slovene clusters, whose members are companies dealing with modern production technologies – tool and die making, machine industry, electrical engineering, materials, electronics and ICT support products and services. TCS members are also R&D organizations – universities, different R&D institutes and technological centres as well as technology, management and HRM consulting companies and regional development and financial institutions. TCS’s vision is a regional network of highly qualified companies and organizations – a development partner of the most advanced industries in the EU. The target markets of TCS are automotive, aerospace and ICT industry.

The purposes of the integration into TCS are improvement of the competitiveness of the participating companies and institutions, research and development of new technologies, introduction of a new more competetive business models, sales increase, cost reduction and establishment of the regional network of specialized companies and institutions as the development partner on the EU level.

TCS – Presentation July 2014 AN



  • Marketing – promotion of the TCS and its members on international fairs, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • TCSprogramme & project office:
    • Coordination of preparation, management and/or participation in EU funded projects within the EU programmes: HORIZON 2020, COSME, EUREKA, etc.
    • Coordination of preparation and management of Slovene collaborative R&D project initiatives, funded by the Slovene Ministries, Agencies, Funds, etc,
    • Consulting to companies in preparation of R&D projects and applications to Slovene and EU calls
  • Support to the professional and business networking of TCS– participation in different professional and business networks on the EU nad Slovene level, exchange of information, knowledge and experiences as well as participation in international development programmes and projects
  • TCS Information centre – sharing of information on development trends, new technologies, EU and Slovene calls for tenders, conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, etc.



TCS is organized as a network organization with C-TCS Institute as the collaborative centre and is a part of numerous Slovene and international business and RTD networks. We cooperate with different clusters like: GP – Plasttechnic Cluster Slovenia; ACStyria, Mobility Cluster Vienna and me2c – Micro Electronic Cluster Austria; Danube Knowledge Cluster Slovakia and VMC- Vojvodina Metal Cluster Serbia. TCS is a member of different business networks at the EU level like ECCP – European Cluster Collaboration Platform, CEE Cluster Network, Technological platform and SBRA – Slovenian Business and Research Association in Bruxelles.TCS is also a program partner of international R&D network LENS Living Lab ate the area of robotics. TCS and its members are partners of several consortia for the preparation and implementation of EU development projects and they cooperate with leading European technological institutes.



TCS is considered as a good example of a successful innovative cluster in the EU. Our most outstanding EU projects are: LENS – Development of laser technologies, TOOL-EAST – Open source ERP system for SMEs and Cornet – HPM – High Performance Manufacturing. We are developing the EM-IND Programme – Emerging Industries, based on interrelations between advanced production technologies, advanced materials and ICT. TCS members realise in practice the slogan »Slovenia – the Toolshop of Europe«. Almost all the cars produced in Europe contain parts which are made with the tools of Slovene tool producers. Partners of Slovene tool making companies are all the most famous automotive producers like Daimler, Audi, BMW, VW, Opel, Ford, Renault etc.



TCS – Short Presentation September 2017



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