Competence Center ROBOFLEX Workshop at KM FEST Event, 10th October 2017 in Odense, Denmark


We would like to inform you about the Knowledge Management Festival (KM FEST) event in Odense, Denmark from 9th – 10th of October 2017. The primary intention of the second day of the  KM FEST event (10th of October) will be focused on “Project Efficient Virtual Community”. Our Competence center ROBOFLEX collaboration platform will be used as the industry business case and case study. The main organizer and coordinator of this event are IDA Fyn Association of Danish Engineers, with regional and international partners. You can find the program of this second day on this link:

 This event is co-organized by the CC ROBOFLEX and is part of our professional and dissemination activities connected to the HORSE project. We would like to motivate you to join us, and register to this international open innovation event where we’ll discuss effectiveness and efficiency issues related to open innovation communities, emerging innovation ecosystem business models,  digital innovation hubs, collaboration platforms, the efficient exploitation of enabling technologies, etc.

 KM-FEST are international open innovation collaborative events for promotion, development, and exchange of new ideas,  knowledge, solutions and its dissemination and transfer to the hands of potential users. These are simultaneous research, industrial innovation and professional outreach, collaboration and social networking events, organized by the LENS Living Lab industry and academic partners in different part of the world. With partners, LENS Living Lab co-organized 15 such events since 2008 in a different part of the world.

Zavod C-TCS, LENS Living Lab-INTESO Group, and ETRA, Ltd are the CC ROBOLFEX founding partners.