DIGI-SI consortium has won the tittle of EDIH – European Digital Innovation Hub

With all its efforts, the DIGI-SI consortium has won the EDIH title, the European Digital Innovation Hub, under the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme, which aims to accelerate the digital breakthrough of the European Union and bring modern digital technologies closer to businesses, citizens and public administration.

Thus, the DIGI-SI Consortium, which is under the coordination of the University of Maribor or DIH UM, consists of six other partners: Jožef Stefan InstituteDIH SloveniaTechnology Park LjubljanaArcturITC — Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota with DIH AGRIFOOD  and TCS – Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia, with LENS Living Lab®, on behalf of DIGITECH SI-East, will promote digital transformation of the economy and the public sector with the help of a number of digital technologies, namely in the field of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, blockchain technology, cyber security, Internet of Things, big data, robotics and augmented reality.

As member of DIGI-SI consortium, DIGITECH SI-East will perform all EDIH’s activities, focused on test before invest in advanced digital solutions, as well as support to find investments, training in digital skills and networking. It will be focused on Robotics and related technologies – AR – Augmented reality and AGV – Autonomous guided vehicles in production logistics in the area of Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 – Factories of the future. Regionally it will performe its activities in the whole Slovenia, focused on East cohesion region.